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How to post to Parler from Cherper with an "e"?

This is a work in progress and might require the Auto Hot Key software

Warning: this function will overlay your clipboard.
  • download the ahk4parler.exe. You could also download AutoHotKey and set up the script below
  • run the ahk4parler.exe
  • to stop the exe
    • you must use taskmgr (ctrl+shift+esc)
    • Find the ahk4parel.exe it's under Background processes
    • select and press [End Task]

    Set up the Parler window properly
  • Get a Parler account
  • Parler signed in
  • Tested on Chrome browser

    I'll post a video on how to. just cherp this to contact me.

    I'm using the following:

      ;Parler Ctrl+Shift+P
       run,, max ;
       Sleep 2500
       click 584,225
       Send ^v ; paste from the clipboard

    You need to change the click positions

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