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What is is a social media website, similar to twitter, Parler, Gab.

It's 5 year mission is to:
  • to explore strange new social media platforms. To seek out new cherpers and new tools for productivity. To boldly go where no one has gone before!

    It's mission is to:
  • Support free speech
  • Tweet all as equals
  • Anonymous
  • Support functions that twitter and other platforms don't support
  • Support websites/companies that want to create their own internal social media platform
  • Help Cherpers
    • solve problems
    • get feedback
    • reach goals
    • create/eliminate habits
    • Promote their business
    • Work on their ideas
    • Meet new people

    You Cherp which is like a tweet, puts your text to the Public feed.

    Any #hash tags get there own feed

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