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0. 2017-10-07 Why we're living in a simulation (Periscope)
1.2017-08-20 Checking My Six Month Prediction - Did it Age Well?
2.2017-08-19 Do We Really Need “Moral Leadership” from the White House?
3.2017-08-17 How To Know You’re In a Mass Hysteria Bubble
4.2017-08-07 The People’s Plan to Fix Health Care
5.2017-07-31 People Keep Telling Me to Stop Blogging about North Korea
6.2017-07-30 Another Way to Make Mexico Pay for the Wall?
7.2017-07-30 Can a Nation Attack a Company?
8.2017-07-30 The Turn to “Effective, but we don’t like it.”
9.2017-07-28 Health Care is a System, Not a Goal
10.2017-07-25 I Tell You Why President Trump is on the Verge of Total Victory
11.2017-07-23 How “Confident” are Intelligence Agencies that Russia Interfered with the Election?
12.2017-07-21 I’m Not Your Pope (But Thanks for Asking)
13.2017-07-20 Dilbert Blog Moving to WordPress
14.2017-07-19 Listen to My Conversation with Sam Harris – About President Trump
15.2017-07-18 I Tell You How Citizens Can Fix Health Care (Now that Congress Failed)
16.2017-07-16 I Teach You How to Take a Meeting with a Russian Lawyer. Also Some Kid Rock Laughs.
17.2017-07-12 My Chat About Russia With Tucker Carlson
18.2017-07-09 People Who Can’t Recognize Humor (literally)
19.2017-07-09 North Korea is an Information Problem Disguised as a Military Problem
20.2017-07-08 International Relations in a Time of Nukes and Plenty
21.2017-07-05 Solving the North Korea Situation
22.2017-07-03 My Exciting Periscope Playlist
23.2017-06-30 Did Syria use Chemical Weapons in Khan Shaykhun?
24.2017-06-30 How President Trump’s Tweet about Morning Joe Will Destroy Civilization
25.2017-06-27 The Only Way to Fix Healthcare Insurance in the U.S.
26.2017-06-22 President Trump’s Idea to Put Solar Panels on the Wall
27.2017-06-21 Why the New Healthcare Bill Will Be a Loser
28.2017-06-13 Russia Hacked our Election! (So what?)
29.2017-06-08 The Comey Fog
30.2017-06-07 Solar Panels on the Wall?
31.2017-06-05 Most Problems are Information Problems
32.2017-06-04 Helping the Terrorists Recruit
33.2017-06-03 An Example of Cognitive Dissonance
34.2017-06-02 Betting on Climate Change
35.2017-05-31 Covfefe
36.2017-05-31 The Kathy Griffin Controversy
37.2017-05-25 Did Trump Shove a NATO Leader (video)
38.2017-05-24 Going After the Families of Terrorists
39.2017-05-23 The Time I Nudged Climate Scientists into Debunking their Own Models
40.2017-05-23 Goodbye ISIS, Hello Losers
41.2017-05-23 cognitive dissonance spotting lesson (video)
42.2017-05-22 Time to End Presidential Press Briefings?
43.2017-05-21 Trump just used a High Ground Maneuver (Video)
44.2017-05-20 The Short Attention Span President
45.2017-05-17 The Slow-Motion Assassination of President Trump
46.2017-05-15 A Quick Look at President Trump and the Big Picture
47.2017-05-15 How to Know You Won a Political Debate on the Internet
48.2017-05-10 Whencast of the Comey Timeline
49.2017-05-10 The Comey Firing
50.2017-04-30 I Talk About When to Invest in Climate Change
51.2017-03-29 The Systems President
52.2017-03-27 Healthcare  Startups that Lower Costs
53. 2017-05-09 The Day You Became a Better Writer (video)
54.2017-05-08 Where’s My Immigration Prediction Model?
55.2017-05-04 The Healthcare Confusopoly
56.2017-05-04 The Resistance changes its attack from “Russian Puppet” to “Trump is Crazy” - Which Works Best?
57.2017-05-03 Pre-Bribing a President
58.2017-05-02 Using Persuasion to Create Assets Out of Nothing
59.2017-05-01 The North Korean Weapons Test Pattern
60.2017-04-30 Solving The News Bubble Problem
61.2017-04-27 How to Know Whether You are a Real Person or a Simulation
62.2017-04-25 President Trump’s First 100 Days
63.2017-04-24 WhenHub Hackathon - An Example of Systems over Goals
64.2017-04-21 How a Systems-Thinking President Can Settle the Climate Science Debate
65.2017-04-20 Big Red Flag for Cognitive Dissonance
66.2017-04-20 My Interview with Greg Gutfeld
67.2017-04-19 You Don’t Have Free Will; but You Might Get It Someday
68.2017-04-18 The Air Comes Out of the Anti-Trump Balloon
69.2017-04-17 How to Structure a Deal With North Korea
70.2017-04-14 Am I Shadowbanned on Twitter?
71.2017-04-12 The North Korea Reframe
72.2017-04-06 blogged yesterday
73.2017-04-11 Share a Laugh With Me About United Airlines
74.2017-04-10 Trusting Your Government in a Time of War
75.2017-04-13 U.S. and Russian Relationship at a Low?
76.2017-03-26 A Direct-Democracy Healthcare Bill
77.2017-03-25 Trump and Healthcare
78.2017-04-10 The Art of Charm Interview (with me)
79.2017-04-07 The Syrian Air Base Attack
80.2017-04-05 How a Hypnotist Sees a Verbal Slip
81.2017-04-11 Robots Read News about United Airlines
82.2017-03-24 How to Change My Biases on Climate Science
83.2017-03-22 Some Fake News About Me from Bloomberg
84.2017-03-20 My Take on Wiretapping, Trump, and Comey
85.2017-03-20 I Declare Mobile Phone Carriers to Be Enemies of the State
86.2017-03-18 How Leonardo DiCaprio Can Persuade Me on Climate Change
87.2017-03-17 Best of Robots Read the News
88.2017-03-17 My Snapchat Prediction
89.2017-03-16 Photo's Don't Lie
90.2017-03-16 How to Leak like a Master Persuader
91.2017-03-15 Start-ups that Lower the Cost of Health Care
92.2017-03-14 The Survivor Bias in Climate Models
93.2017-03-14 Tracking My Persuasion
94.2017-03-13 Two More Movies on One Screen
95.2017-03-09 Could Cognitive Scientists Eliminate isis
96.2017-03-09 Income Inequality
97.2017-03-08 How to Convince Skeptics that Climate Change is a Problem
98.2017-03-07 Wiretapping Word-Thinking
99.2017-03-06 My $1 Million Climate Model Bet
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