Al Berg's 597 Favorite Songs of All Time

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231.Anybody's Answer - Grand Funk (youtube)
72.The Way - Fastball (video)
31.It's no Good - Depeche Mode (youtube)
54.Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf (video)
380.Fall - Single Gun Theory (video)
211.West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys(video)
447.Fame - Irene Cara
59.Suck my Kiss - Red Hot Chili Peppers (video)
326.19th Nervous Breakdown - Rolling Stones (video)
122.Baby I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zeppelin
55.Dust in the Wind - Kansas(video)
46.From a Million Miles - Single Gun Theory (video)
189.Secret Satellite - Tasman Archer (video)
274.Poison Arrow - ABC(video)
243.Surrender - Single Gun Theory (video)
521.Freedom of Choice - DEVO
228.One Caress - Depeche Mode (youtube)
127.Mrs. Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel video
351.I Come Tumbling - Grand Funk
87.Uncontrolable Urge - Devo (youtube)
371.Anna Ng - They Might Be Giants
101.I Confess - English Beat video
264.Working in the Coal Mine - Devo (youtube)
541.The Reflection God - Marilyn Manson (Youtube)
565.See the Lights - Simple Minds,(link)
337.Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite - Beatles
112.Frustrated - Soft Cell (youtube)
195.Mr. B's Ballroom - Devo (youtube)
38.Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin video
435.Kiss from a Rose - Seal
214.Only the Moment - Marc Almond (youtube)
255.We're Through being Cool - Devo (youtube)
7.Inside Looking Out - Grand Funk (video)
248.Cruel Summer - Bananarama (video)
190.What's Up - 4 Non Blondes(video)
441.Good Times Roll - Cars
358.It Doesn't Matter II - Martin Gore (video)
225.Hello There - Cheap Trick (youtube)
153.White Room - Cream(video)
561.Touched by the Hand of God - New Order (link)
48.Everything Counts - Depeche Mode (youtube)
275.World in my Eyes - Depeche Mode (youtube)
186.Liberte - Gipsy Kings (youtube)
179.I've Seen All Good People - Yes(video)
309.Here is the House - Depeche Mode (link)
141.On Top of the World - Cheap Trick (youtube)
44.Sex Dwarf - Soft Cell (youtube)
270.The Night Before - Beatles (youtube)
23.Love Song - The Cure
247.Lovely Rita - Beatles (youtube)
537.Allison - Elvis Costello
379.Send me an Angel - Real Life (video)
180.You Can't be too Strong - Graham Parker (video)
304.Hot Rod - Black Oak Arkansas (video)
299.Never Let me Down - Depeche Mode (youtube)
257.Trajedy - Bee Gees (link)
298.Gonna Raise Hell - Cheap Trick (youtube)
397.We can work it out - Beatles link
200.Wicked Garden - Stone Temple Pilots (video)
393.Shining Brightly - Marc Almond
558.Every little thing - Police(you tube)
492.Southern Girls - Cheap Trick
539.Dance with me - Alphaville
63.Walking on the Moon - Police (video)
451.Satisfaction - Rolling Stones
496.There's a hole in my life - Police (link)
184.Monster - Fred Schneider (youtube)
498.Billion Dollar Baby - Alice Cooper(video)
509.Heat -soft cell
497.charming man the smiths
185.Lonely Place Alone - Origin (youtube)
480.My Hand Over My Heart - Marc Almond
405.Hey Jude - Beatles
94.Yesterday - Beatles (youtube)
226.Jumpin' Jack Flash - Rolling Stones (video)
512.Higher than the sun - Primal Scream
501.School's Out - Alice Cooper
129.This Charming Man - The Smiths (video)
56.I want you to want me - Cheap Trick - In Color (youtube)
265.Vanishing Point - New Order (video)
466.Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
273.Jamming - Bob Marley (video)
145.Theme From Adventures Of the Smart Patrol - Devo (youtube)
470.Here Comes the Sun - Beatles
115.Peek-A-Boo! - Devo (youtube)
443.You're All I've Got Tonight - Cars
345.Manificent Seven - The Clash
352.Headstar - Depeche Mode
230.Cold as Ice - Foreigner (video)
183.Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones (video)
420.Smalltown Boy - Bronskie Beat
139.Paperback Writer - Beatles (youtube)
262.Martin - Soft Cell (youtube)
554.Why? - Bronski Beat link
542.Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Coonor
8.Blasphamous Rumors - Depeche Mode (youtube)
20.People are People - Depeche Mode (youtube)
489.Daniel - Elton John
287.Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears (video)
256.Satisfaction - Devo (youtube)
450.Heart of Stone - Rolling Stones
125.Don't You Want Me - Human League(video)
118.Russians - Sting (video)
479.Fine Time - New Order(video)
427.Situation "move out" - Yaz
144.Nantucket Sleigh ride - Mountain(video)
321.Clock Strikes 10 - Cheap Trick
216.Tears Run Rings - Marc Almond (video)
487.The Becoming - NIN video
16.Bird Song - Lene Lovich (youtube)
418.Stars We Are - Mac Almond (youtube)
374.Dumb - Nirvana
462.Snowblind - Black Sabbath link
218.Words Get Stuck in my Throat - Devo (Boogi Boy)
394.Stripped - Depeche Mode
194.Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers (video)
156.Major Tom (Coming Home) - Peter Schilling (video)
555.Boys Own - Allison Moyet
245.Wild Horses - Rolling Stones (video)
272.Wiggly World - Devo (youtube)
28.Tainted Love/Where did our Love Go? - Soft Cell (youtube)
365.Nothing but Flowers - Talking Heads
242.Underture - The Who (video)
478.God - Tori Amos
453.Get off of my Cloud - Rolling Stones
569.Dancing in Heaven - Q Feel
90.Wicked World - Black Sabbath (video)
391.Medley-Narcisus-Gloomy Sunday Vision - Marc and the Mambas
559.Gave Up - NIN link
266.1963 - New Order (video)
346.Stories of Old - Depeche Mode
223.Unbelievable - EMF(video)
575.California Dreamin - Mamas and Papas (youtube)
316.Shadows in the Rain - Police
344.Walking in My Shoes (Random Carpet Mix) - Depeche Mode
347.I Need You - Beatles (youtube)
547.Laid so low (tears roll down) Tears for Fear (link)
431.Girl - Beatles
158.Dreaming of Me - Depeche Mode (youtube)
217.Time Has Come Today - Chambers Brothers(video)
518.Leave me Alone - New Order
494.KKK Bitch - Ice T video
202.Love Me Two Times - The Doors (video)
305.When Electricity came to Arkansas - Black Oak Arkansas (video)
483.Synchonicity 1 - Police
493.Twilight zone - golden earing
121.Round and Round - New Order "It's the picture you see.." (video)
61.Shake the Disease - Depeche Mode (youtube)
24.Wait in Vain - Bob Marley (video)
284.A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton(video)
60.Dear God - XTC (video)
361.Moorea - Gipsy Kings
2.Kiss of death - New Order (link)
47.The Sensualist - Marc Almond
372.Lie to Me - Depeche Mode
113.99 Luftballoons - Nene
98.Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix (video)
516.Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
147.Black Coffee - Squeeze (video)
161.For No One - Beatles (youtube)
234.Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police(video)
520.Cities - Talking Heads
307.Ring my Bell - Anita Ward
167.The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunny men (video)
49.Let it Be - Beatles (video)
544.Try All You Want - Electronic
13.Mr. Disco - New Order "I can't find my peace of mind" (youtube)
146.Tempted - Squeeze (video)
21.Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix (youtube)
434.If I Needed Someone - Beatles
563.Is there Something I Should Know - Duran Duran(video)
527.Polythene Pam - Beatles
293.Last Train to Clarksville - The Monkees(video)
12.Let Me Go - Heaven 17
596.Nothing is the Same - Grand Funk (g)
269.Band of the Run - Wings video
277.Secret Life - Soft Cell (youtube)
96.White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane(video)
170.Oh Yeah - Yello (video)
568.November Spawned a Monster - Morrissey - Smiths (link)
511.What do other people know - The Monroes
163.One More Time - Joe Jackson(video)
362.Died in Your Arms - Cutting Crew
524.What do you get When you Fall in Love - Elvis Costello youtube
399.Lady Madonna - Beatles (youtube)
301.When the Music's over - The Doors (video)
336.See You in September - Frankie Vale and the Four Seasons
215.Something to Do - Depeche Mode (youtube)
385.Clocks - Coldplay (youtube)
124.Small-town Boy - Jimmy Somerville
18.The Bed's Too Big Without You - The Police (video)
192.Love You To - Beatles (youtube)
318.Something - Beatles
446.Don't Cha Stop - Cars
567.Head Like a Hole - NIN (link)
249.Is That Love - Squeeze (video)
545.Man Out of Time - Elvis Costello
40.War Pigs - Black Sabbath (youtube)
36.Happiness and Slavery - NIN - (Mind freak - Chris Angel's Theme) (youtube)
254.Hard Days Night - Beatles (youtube)
406.Only When I Lose Myself - Depeche Mode
327.King of Pain - Police (video)
389.Give It Away - Red Hot Chile Peppers (youtube)
42.Where Has The Childhood Gone - Camouflage (video)
197.Snowball - Devo (youtube)
120.True Faith - New Order (Morning Sun)(video)
460.Mea Culpa - Enigma
517.Killing moon Echo and the Bunnymen
532.I Feel Loved - Depeche Mode
296.This Girl Tried to Kill Me (Explicit Lyrics) - Ice T(video)
107.In My Life - Beatles (youtube)
119.What's so Funny - Elvis Costello (video)
471.Surrender - Depeche Mode (I'm a man of flesh and bone)
283.Killer - Seal (video)
268.The Wizard - Black Sabbath (video)
522.Every Little thing - Beatles link
523.I can Feel him in the Morning - Grand Funk
136.Electric Funeral - Black Sabbath (video)
238.Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull (video)
19.The Spirit of JFK - Devo (youtube)
15.Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
25.Cruel to be Kind by Nick Lowe (video)
67.Long View - Green Day (youtube)
271.Until the End of the World - U2
92.Paranoid - Black Sabbath (video)
177.Mother - Danzig (video)
491.Blood Wedding - Marc and the Mambas
66.Angie - Rolling Stones link
71.Vacation - Go Go's (video)
169.Pictures of You - The Cure(video)
416.Sacred - Depeche Mode
286.Stand By Me - The Clash
137.Winter in my Soul - Grand Funk (youtube)
132.Rock Lobster - B-52's(video)
576.Time of the Season - The Zombies (youtube)
580.Born to Run - Frankie Goes to Hollywood (link
35.Auf Wiedersehen - Cheap Trick (youtube)
503.Temptation - New Order
220.I've Never Seen Your Face - Marc Almond
235.Your Mother Should Know - Beatles (youtube)
41.Paranoid - Grand Funk (youtube)
52.Dream On - Aerosmith🔝
597.Until the End of Time - Electronic(YouTube)
297.Angels Over Teheran - Single Gun Theory
388.Paradise City - Guns N' Roses(video)
32.Iron Man - Black Sabbath (youtube)
135.Gut Feeling/Slap you Mammy - Devo (youtube)
81.Mr. Self Destruct - 9 Inch Nails(video)
74.Smack my Bitch Up - The Prodigy(link)
108.You - Candlebox(video)
533.White Wedding - Billy Idol
583.Accidents Will Happen - Elvis Costello (video)
244.Protection - Graham Parker (video)
437.The Sea of Core Experience - Single Gun Theory
9.I am the Walrus - Beatles (youtube)
116.What's Good - Lou Reed (video)
417.Your Kisses Burn - Marc Almond and Nico (youtube)
282.Memorabilia - Soft Cell (youtube)
579.Victory - Megadeth ((youtube))
109.Shattered - Rolling Stones (video)
133.Sex - Berlin(video)
339.Wish me Luck (Karamzov Mix) by Ofra Haza (video)
376.Drama! - Erasure
403.Need you Tonight - INXS
353.Diggin for Gold - Black Oak Arkansas
261.The Sea Still Sings - Marc Almond (youtube)
294.Hanukkah Song - Adam Sandler(video)
175.Rocky Raccoon - Beatles (youtube)
181.I Could have Lied - Red Hot Chili Peppers(video)
80.Rock the Casbah - Clash
500.Closer (I want to F@#k you like an animal) - NIN (video)
407.One Thing Leads to Another - The Fixx
330.Julia - Beatles
363.Circle - Edie Brickell
467.Come Together - Beatles
538.Things you Said - Martin Gore Depeche mode
593.Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran
404.Waiting for the Night - Depeche Mode
212.Neighbors - Camouflage(video)
387.If you Leave - OMD (vdeo)
390.Polaris - Megadeth (youtube)
227.Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine (video)
557.This must be the place - Talking Heads link
552.March of the Pigs - NIN link
111.A Day in a Life - Beatles (youtube)
289.Don't Go - Yaz(video)
191.You're All Talk - Cheap Trick (youtube)
308.A Question of Time - Depeche Mode
525.What do you get when you fall in love? Dionne Warwick youtube
292.Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees(video)
89.Don't Stop Believing - Journey (video)
320.Aimless Lady - Grand Funk
369.Set Them Free - Sting
323.Look of Love - ABC (video)
280.Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath (video)
239.Aqualung - Jethro Tull (youtube)
578.Caroline - Concrete Blonde (youtube)
472.Pulling Mussels - Squeeze (link)
349.The Art of Falling Apart - Soft Cell (youtube)
29.He's a Whore - Cheap Trick (youtube)
103.Whisper to a Scream - Icicle(video)
536.Question of Lust - Depeche Mode
149.If I didn't Love You - Squeeze (video)
159.Dear Prudence - Beatles (youtube)
414.Piggies - Beatles
444.Bye Bye Love - Cars
291.Power of Equality - Red Hot Chili Peppers (video)
99.Soul Inside - Soft Cell (youtube)
30.Gimme Shelter - Grand Funk (youtube)
482.Chips on my Shoulder - Soft Cell
564.Irresponsible Hate Anthem - Marilyn Manson (link)
586.Broken - Pantera link
464.N.I.B - Black Sabbath
76.Round & Round - New Order
370.Overture - It's a Boy - The Who
515.Somebody to love- Jefferson Airplane
123.Perfect Kiss - New Order (video)🔝
219.Reptile - The Church(video)
589.She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult
341.Nowhere Man by The Beatles (youtube)
166.A Lover Spurned - Marc Almond (youtube)
232.Discovering Japan - Graham Parker(video)
476.Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath
428.Norwegian Wood - Beatles
237.A View to a Kill - Duran Duran video
534.Foot Stomping Music - Grand Funk
368.Oh Candy - Cheap Trick
448.Barracuda - Heart
526.Close to you - Carpenters youtube
50.Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix link
465.Nights in White Satin - Moody Blues (video)
253.Upsetter - Grand Funk (youtube)
419.Run for you Life - Beatles
455.Under my Thumb - Rolling Stones
449.Love Alive - Heart
91.I Don't Like Mondays - Boomtown Rats video
64.Making Plans for Nigel - XTC (video)
594.Darkness - Rage Against the Machine
143.Highway Star - Deep Purple video
375.Youth - Soft Cell (youtube)
281.Mr. Self Destruct - NIN(video)
408.Step it up - Stereo MC's
312.Are We Not Men? - Devo (video)
402.Blue Jay Way - Beatles
86.Hurt - Nine Inch Nails (video) Lyrics
204.Sloppy - Devo (youtube)
102.Crazy - Seal (video)
553.Run - New Order link
572.Over My Head - The Fray - link
79.Forever Young - Alphaville(video)
104.I Melt with You - Modern English video
70.Hollier than Thou - Metallica (video)
592.I Melt with You - Modern English link
27.Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode (youtube)
10.I'm not Growing Old - Origin (youtube)
241.Foreplay/Long Time - Boston (video)
355.Secret Garden - Depeche Mode
303.Hot and Nasty - Black Oak Arkansas(video)
43.Downed - Cheap Trick (video)
510.Imagine - John Lennon (lyrics)
178.Time - Culture Club (video)
445.All Mixed Up - Cars
413.Love Without Anger - Devo
546.Dreams - Cranberries
401.Oh L'amour - Erasure
409.It's only Love - Beatles
475.I'll Get You - Beatles
160.Blackbird - Beatles (youtube)
62.Savoy Truffle - Beatles (youtube)
201.It's Called a Heart - Depeche Mode (youtube)
285.Bedsitter - Soft Cell
438.Underture - The Who
423.I'll Follow the Sun - Beatles
395.Pimpf - Depeche Mode
26.Freebird - Leonard Skinner(video)
461.Sweet Leaf - Black Sabath
77.Paint it Black - Rolling Stones (video)
151.Mongoloid - Devo
203.Halo - Depeche Mode (youtube)
213.But not Tonight - Depeche Mode (youtube)
168.Good Vibrations - Beach Boys
364.Penneyroyal Tea - Nirvana
488.Turning Japanese - The Vapors
499.Half a person - the smiths
278.Warning - Black Sabbath (video)
325.The Landscape is Changing - Depeche Mode
14.She's Leaving Home - Beatles (youtube)
577.She's not There - The Zombies (youtube)
378.My Little Book of Sorrows - Marc Almond (youtube)
396.Duende - Gipsy Kings
457.Of Wolf and Men - Metallica
519.Pink Pussycat - Devo video
433.Wait - Beatles
322.Woodstock - Crosby, Stills, Nash
590.You're Beautiful - James Blunt you tube
110.Strawberry Fields Forever - Beatles (youtube)
421.Taking me Back - Cheap Trick
138.I'm Your Captain - Grand Funk (youtube)
432.I'm Looking Through You - Beatles
595.Train in Vain (Stand by Me) - Clash
260.Be Stiff - Devo (youtube)
84.Star - Erasure
442.Just What I Needed - Cars
306.Mutants of the Monster - Black Oak Arkansas video
198.Shell Shocked - New Order (video)
531.Tuesday Morning - Pogues
164.Great Commandment - Camouflage(video)
258.Summer in the City - Lovin Spoonful(video)
65.Policy of Truth - Depeche Mode (youtube)
357.Two minute warning - depeche mode
382.American Band - Grand Funk - 1974
100.Beautiful World - Devo (youtube)
505.You Ought to Know - Alanis Morissette video
22.Alone Again (Naturally) - Gilbert O'Sullivan (youtube)
73.Secret Agent Man - Devo video
150.Blockhead - Devo (youtube)
535.Local Girls - Graham Parker
88.Behind the Wheel - Depeche Mode (youtube)
331.Master and Servant - Depeche Mode
279.I Feel Love - Bronskie Beat and Marc Almond (youtube)
543.Mother Nature's Son - Beatles
474.From Ay to Bee - Camouflage
295.No Reply - Beatles (youtube)
513.Wonder wall -Oasis
550.Things We Said Today - Beatles (link)
193.Bat Out of Hell - Meatloaf (video)
311.Pinball Wizard - The Who(video)
69.Got This Thing on the Move - Grand Funk (youtube)>
350.I Shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley
208.Going Under - Devo (youtube)
205.Relax - Frankie Goes too Hollywood video
429.Think for Yourself - Beatles
246.The Village - New Order (Oh our love is like the...)
530.What is my Life - George Harrison
582.More than a Feeling - Boston link
360.Goodbye Girl - Squeeze
528.The Loco-mtion - Grand Funk
502.Set Sails Free - Origin (video)
252.Lost in the Supermarket - The Clash (video)
221.The Desperate Hours - Marc Almond (youtube)
348.Together Alone - Soft Cell (youtube)
267.A Bit of Finger - Black Sabbath (video)
83.Within Without You - Beatles (youtube)
165.Subculture (One of these days) - New Order (video)
384.Down Under - Men at Work - 1983
486.Motherland - Single Gun Theory
422.Birdhouse in your Soul - They Must Be Giants
459.Principles of Lust - Enigma
68.Dream On - Depeche Mode - Exciter (youtube)
452.As Tears go By - Rolling Stones
430.Michelle - Beatles
157.Sailing - Christopher Cross(video)
93.I'll Be Back - Beatles (youtube)
172.Sa Plan Pu Moi - Rubber Bertram(video)
340.I'm Nin Alu by Ofra Haza (video)
105.Lucky Number - Lene Lovich (video)
4.Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA - Devo (youtube)
155.Space Oddity- David Bowie(video)
259.Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin(video)
477.The Things You Said - Martin Gore
319.Mellow Yellow - Donovan
240.Gates of Steel - Devo (youtube)
251.While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Beatles (youtube)
97.Mississippi Queen - Mountain(video)
315.So Much Trouble in the World - Bob Marley and the Walers
373.Vaudeville and Burlesque - Marc Almond
171.Passion is no Ordinary Word - Graham Parker and the Rumor video
187.Pride (In the Name of Love) - U2 video
6.Free Love - Depeche Mode (youtube)
210.All You Need is Love - Beatles (youtube)
508.Amor, Amor - Gipsy Kings video
207.My Sharona - The Knack video
276.The Beach - New Order (How does it feel) (video)
566.Good Night - Beatles (link)
95.The Promise - When in Rome(video)
182.Mad World - Tears for Fears (video)
411.The Sea Says - Marc Almond (youtube)
196.Fairies Wear Boots - Black Sabbath (video)
288.Inspiration - Gipsy Kings(video)
424.Love my Way - Psychedelic Furs(link)
130.How Soon is Now - The Smiths (video)
11.Useless - Depeche Mode (youtube)
400.Across the Universe - Beatles (youtube)
39.Blue Monday - New Order (youtube) "How does it feel"
58.Enter the Sandman - Metallica (video)
53.Monster - Steppenwolf (video)
507.Under the Milky Way - The Church video
174.A Question of Lust - Depeche Mode (youtube)
128.Hangar 18 - Megadeth(video)🔝
356.Big In Japan - Alphaville
317.It's My Life - Talk Talk
473.Cool for Cats - Squeeze
468.Maxwell's Silver Hammer - Beatles
426.Come on, Come On - Cheap Trick
57.I Ran - Flock of Seagulls(video)
354.Never Come Down - Origin
481.Confusion - New Order
454.Mother's Little Helper - Rolling Stones
3.Fool on the Hill - Beatles (youtube)
224.Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins (video)
514.Happiest Girl - Depeche Mode
37.Hand of Doom - Black Sabbath (video)
199.It's All Too Much - Beatles (youtube)
162.Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney (youtube)
495.Strange Love - Depeche Mode (video)
415.Turn, turn turn - Byrds (youtube)
392.Waifs and Strays - Marc Almond (youtube)
148.Annie Get your Gun - Squeeze (video)
439.Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds
570.Harmony - Elton John (link)
45.Loving You, Hating Me - Soft Cell
209.It's a Sin - Pet Shop Boys (video)
233.Never Say Never - Romeo Void (video)
335.Sell my Soul - Midnight Oil
585.Animals - Taking Heads
114.Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf (video)
504.I Don't Want to Spoil the Party - Beatles
154.Long and Winding Road - Beatles (youtube)
229.Sooner or Later - English Beat video
1.Heartbreaker - Grand Funk (youtube)
140.Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (video)
367.Something's Got a Hold of my Heart - Marc Almond (youtube)
584.Rat Salad - Black Sabbath
290.Jeremy - Perl Jam link
334.Regret - New Order
398.Rain - Beatles
188.Another Nail for my Heart - Squeeze
591.Cast No Shadow - Oasis link
329.Sun King Medley - Beatles
381.Frankenstein - Edgar Winters - 1973
117.Need Your Love - Cheap Trick (youtube)
359.Band on the Run - Wings (Paul McCartney)
469.I Want You (She's so Heavy) - Beatles
324.One More Time - Joe Jackson
485.Surrender to a Stranger - Soft Cell
463.Changes - Black Sabbath link
82.Roxanne - Police
549.Victory - Megadeth
300.Insecure Me - Soft Cell youtube
131.Come Back Johnny - Devo (youtube)
377.Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodo (video)
34.Eleanor Rigby - Beatles
134.Little Toreador in the Rain - Marc Almond
343.T.U.N.C by Grand Funk
206.Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel (video)
5.Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order (youtube) "Every time I see you falling"
250.All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix (video)
173.Watching the Detectives - Elvis Costello(video)
126.Bad Habit - The Offspring(video)
383.Babe - Styx - 1979
386.Hold Me - Thompson Twins (video)
33.The Inner Light - Beatles (youtube)
302.Heaven - Talking Heads (vdeo)
314.Champagne - Marc Almond (youtube)
152.Somebody - Depeche Mode (youtube)
78.War - Frankie Goes to Hollywood (video)
328.Girl Talk - Elvis Costello
51.I Feel Fine - Beatles (youtube)
587.I Need a Chick - Devo
574.Head over Heels - Tears for Fear
333.Rockit - Herbie Hancock(link)
560.Electronic - Reality link
338.If you Want My Love - Cheap Trick
75.Hot Love - Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick (youtube)
529.I've Got a Feeling - Beatles
332.Money for Nothing - Dire Straits (video)
410.Happy Together - Turtles
556.Piggy (Nothing can stop me) - Nine Inch Nails (link)
458.God That Failed - Metallica
484.Triumph of the Will - Devo
456.Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
562.Brilliant Creatures - Marc Almond (link)
412.Breathe - The Progidy
573.Follow the Sun - Beatles
310.Ballad of TV Violence - Cheap Trick
263.The River - Marc Almond (youtube)
236.Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - Soft Cell (youtube)
17.I'm a Loser - Beatles (youtube)
313.Prayer for the Dying - Seal
581.My Way - Frank Sinatra video
342.Death's Dore by Martin Gore
106.Elo Kiddies - Cheap Trick (youtube)
440.Torch - Soft Cell
571.For a Friend - Jimmy Sommerville link
490.Come Sail Away - Styx
366.Fly on the Windscreen - Depeche Mode
176.And I Love Her - Beatles (youtube)
222.Loneliness - Grand Funk (youtube)
85.Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood(video)
551.Weirdo - The Charlatans (link
436.Tenement Symphony - My Hand Over my Heart - Marc Almond
540.Little 15 - Depeche Mode
425.Tommy the Cat - Primus
588.Lips Like Sugar - Echo and the Bunnymen (Youtube)
142.Theme from an Imaginary Western - Mountain video
548.Torreodor in the Rain - Marc Almond