2017-05-09 The Day You Became a Better Writer (video)🔝

1.Topic - (feeling, familiarity, invisible friend) 1:24
2.Write for the reader, not yourself 3:14
3.First sentence evokes curiosity 3:20
4. Pace the reader 4:15
5.Direct Sentences (The boy hit the ball not The ball was hit by the boy) 6:25
6.No Jargon, adjectives, adverbs, cliches ($100 each) 7:44
7.Brevity = Brilliance 10:08
8.6th grade vocabulary 11:30
9.Musicality, percussion (Make America Great Again vs. Stronger Together) 12:19
10.Avoid ugly words (moist, talc, etc.) 13:47
11. Consider your associations (wrong ones ex. 2 things I like are babies and automatic weapons) 15:00
12.Use visual language (McGurk effect) 16:45
13.Violate a norm (something feels a little dangerous to others) 19:06
14.End clever or provocative 20:00
15.Write every day 20:41
16. Humor Formula 21:33