Doggy Style Podcast Episode 22

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1.Noise is from rain
2.00:49 Better Headline to entice people to read your content
3.00:12 Geoff Gitomer Critique on naming
4.01:05 Do things for yourself
5.01:24 I'm gonna try = I won't
6.01:42 Neighbor moving
7.02:13 Abs over 40 ad
8. 02:30 Working on Excel class and it's really hard
9.03:05 Mother's Day
10.03:19 What Can XL Do (WCXD)
11.03:56 Monetize your knowledge
12.04:02 VBA - Visual Basic for Applications
13.04:19 SQL (pronounce See-quel)
14.04:14 Problem Solving, Learning and Teaching
15.04:26 Rare skills
16.04:50 What would you do if you had a billion dollars?
17.05:15 Rare things (Scarce things) have worth
18.06:11 Creating training content
19.07:56 Do people want to learn Excel from a Video?
20.08:30 Benefits of doing Excel Training video
21.09:30 We come upon a rabbit (video)
22.10:12 The meaning when you say "Maybe"
23.10:57 Outsource your work to save time
24.11:25 Colornote on android phone
25.11:48 Japanese food at Kashi in Syosset, NY
26.12:10 Barnes and Noble
27.12:26 New Rule - Read books I buy first
28.13:40 Too many things to do
29.13:58 Figure out what you want, the steps to do them, how could you fail?
30.14:10 Dog eats poop
31.14:20 How to reach a goal?
32.15:30 Dog stops coming into my bedroom
33.16:36 How long does it take to do a podcast?
34.17:00 Doggy Style Podcast Episode #21
35.17:02 Productivity Tip - How to not get stuck on a task
37.17:25 Reason you might be tired
38.17:36 Fear of Success
39.19:09 Book Key Principles for Success (Amazon)
40.19:20 Ray Dalio - (Amazon)
41.19:40 TV show on HBO Barry
42.19:47 I'm Al Berg not Alec Berg
43.20:22 Tool to help write a book
44.20:48 Book not showing in Google search results
45.21:26 It's how you view things - Tony Robbins
46.23:37 Sam Harris method on changing your point of view
47.25:21 Too many ideas problem