Doggy Style Podcast Episode 81 - July 19, 2018

How making a mistake saved my brother's life
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Worked from home

  • Brother threatened

    Every Cloud has a Silver lining
  • Mistake at work
  • Boss reviews
  • Fight with the boss
  • Left early
  • 546 train
  • Accidently hear Sam on answering machine
  • Brother threatens to Jump off his roof
  • Called Suicide prevention hotline
  • Brother's story
  • Alcoholism
  • Hoarding
  • Called 911
  • Stopping police from killing you
  • Gerbils
  • Fear of homeless

    What to do if someone threatens to kill themselves?
  • Call the suicide prevention hotline

    Lola the dog
  • loves to roll in the dirt
  • I forget to pick up Lolas poop
  • Dog can lift your spirits and reduce depression
  • Dog is very hot
  • Stay command
  • Come command
  • Lola meets another dog
  • Watch the way owner holds the leash
  • Wants to play with neighbor's dog
  • Having a dog creates happiness

    Nicest day of the year
  • Dry
  • 64 degrees

    Apologize and Forgive
  • Boss was fighting with me
  • Boss criticizes chart
  • I call the boss to apologize
  • Take partial responsibility
  • Forgiveness is powerful
  • Harboring anger is bad
  • Anger okay sometimes

    Suicidal People
  • Not a good idea to live alone
  • Dilemma

    Giving addicts money
  • Borrows and never pays them back

  • Easy to get addicted

  • Jordan Peterson says you wake up and every day it feels like your favorite pet died

  • Son studying for it

    Getting Stuck, Loneliness

    You make your own bed

  • Need to learn more meditation techniques
  • Focus on the present
  • Eric Aronson - Dash
  • Time spent worried going to jail
  • Worried about a bad review
  • Midyear review

    See the signs when you need to move on from a job
  • Get the job of my dreams
  • What is the job of my dreams?
  • Fun, matters, good living, flow state, peaceful, meditation teacher, dog walker

    Habits to work on
  • Planning - work on something for an hour
  • Post-mortem - after hour is up analyze how you did
  • Grade yourself on how the review should be (Below, Meets, Exceeds Expectations)
  • Finish Then Add Details (FTAD) - Create a one page resume, A/B test.
  • Prioritizing - Most Important Task (MIT)
  • Your brain has an authority figure and a free-spirit
  • Book title: Don't Tell me what to do
  • Finishing
  • Small tasks ahead of big tasks
  • Smart Task Selection (STS)
  • Human algorithm for STS
  • Better to-do list
  • Focus

    Google knows if you violate copyright

    How to create a link inside a movie?