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Smart Task Selection (STS) / Oct. 7, 2019
    • Problem Having too much to do and not enough hours to get it done. Status Reporting, Estimating. Distractions and Interruptions
    • solution: Tool that helps you determine your goals then selects the best task to reach them while balancing your time
    • Business model: free version with ads for personal use, sell to corps for business use
    • technology: Excel/VBA/ASP SQL server and xxx lines of code uses AI
    • Marketing and sales:  Twitter, Podcasting, Using Productivity Gurus, Google Ads, Facebook, kickstater and social media
    • Competition: Google, Jira, Agile tools, Excel, in House,
    • Team: Al Berg, outsourcing all other activities
    • Projections and milestones see below
    • Status and timeline changing method to better manage project. Completed idea phase and moving to execution phase
    • Summary and call to action
    Dramatic Difference
    • Patent Pending technology
    • No competing system
    Projections and Milestones
    • Create Marketing material (MTB)
    • Project research
    • Agile based Product
    • Research AI component
    • Identify Use cases
    • Alpha version
    • Beta Version
    • 1st Production version
    • 1st Sale