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Listi 1 Pager

Use Case                  Problem              Solution
Create a Web/html list
  • Must know HTML tag
  • Top n Website List doesn't auto-adjust
  • 48    
    Create a Web table    
  • Hard to do    
  • < tbl> tag in Listi
  • multi-line with ! *  
  • tbl
  • b - header
  • Help you reach goals                    
    Track your time                    
    Format a webpage                    
    Secure system data You don't want anyone to change/delete your data
  • All data has a userid that only that user can modify
  • All data is private unless you set it to public
  • Answer What should I do?                    
    Answer What did I do?                    
    Document a process                    
    Write a book                    
    Quickly add info           When you want to add info it takes time          
  • sc,text to add
  • subheader
  • Import
  • Comments
  • Record thoughts             young girl at dog park tries to scare Sadie mfn
    What am I doing?           You were interupted and want to go back to what you were working on
    Local Google               Find info you've saved that answers a question you have

    Annoy        What
    Bug           edit comment doesn't autosignin
    Slow response
    DB is busy    

    What To do decision

    Feel like pooping  

    Do               Want
    Decide what to do
  •   Not be bored
  • Success at work
  • avoid getting fired
  • continue to make $
  • Look at emails     Success at work
  • If you don't respond quickly people think negatively of you
  • Write stuff on whitebord
  • Not to forget something
  • organize thoughts
  • Go to a window on desktop
  • Get something done

  • Thought/Idea   Word
    It's hard to start and stop once you get going on something so be careful what you start Momentum


  • Developed by @alecberg
  • Used by @alecberg
  • Can give me a demo?


    What does it do?
  • Create Lists

    From lists create
  • books
  • websites
  • Dashboards
  • To-do lists
  • Time Tracking
  • Tables
  • Documentation

    What is the products status?

    What tech does it use?

    What are the list of use cases?

    What use case will you use to get your first customer?

    What's your plan?
    What's it good at?
    What is it bad at?
    What are the limitations?
  • Doesn't support a WYSIWYG editor

    What are the features?
    What are the benefits?

    What are the risks?
  • Someone steals your data
  • Data is stored unencrypted
  • Something happens to lone developer
  • ASP not supported
  • Problem with host that prevents data access

    What was the progression of the product?
    What features does it need before release?
    What obstacles did you or do you have to solve?
    What problems does it solve?
    What problem doesn't it solve that you want it to?
  • Over and Over
  • Too many
  • Duplicate info - I tried but it was too expensive in processing power
  • Click to edit
  • I haven't reach goals I've wanted to


  • Save time
  • Fix the top n list problem
    Why should I try it?
    Why can't I use Excel/Word or Google sheets/docs instead?

    Why is this better than using Excel?


  • Started
  • First customer
  • Releases


    Can I learn more?


    Will you support feature x?


    How did you build this?
    How much does it cost?
    How come you built this?



    Can I see a demo?