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What am I doing wrong?
  • Desk is a little messy
  • Not spending $ on an idea
  • Not having anyone to work with
  • Not having anything to demo
  • Spending time creating something to demo
  • Not Marketing Then Build (MTB)
  • Lack of a process to go from i2$ (idea, prototype, feedback, iterate, try to crowdsource it)
What to get feedback on?
  • My Learn Excel And Do A Million Push Ups (LEADAMPU) class
  • Smart Task Selection (STS)
  • Listi
  • What type of Excel book to write
  • Should I write an Excel book?
  • With all my knowledge what's the easiest way to make $
  • Book "33 Key Principles for Success"
Standard Feedback
  • It's too complicated
  • It doesn't look professional
Explain what you're doing to a 5th grader
    What am I trying to do?
      Practice giving yourself and other's feedback
      • Big companies software products
      • Friends and family
      • Authors
      • Small businesses
      • Things I bought
      • Services I use
      • Things I hate or annoy me
      • Things I love or like
      What's really cool to get feedback on?
        Demo to create
        • Acronym tag
        • Cover doesn't look professional
        • Book is too short (71 pages)
        • Why would someone buy it when it's basically on the internet
        • Sample is formatted with double lines and looks bad
        • Description of book is poor
        • No reviews, need to get some early 5 reviews for a book to sell
        • Try to use to pay $5 for some reasonable 5 star reviews, from US.
        • It's a listicle
        • Online version has 102 principles but book you buy has 33
        • No one else but me editted it
        What am I doing right?
          Why don't you...
            Why loop
              Why do you want feedback?
              I want feedback bc I don't want to waste time building something that no one wants.
                How to get feedback?
                • Create a small demo/video and see if I can get feedback on it (a cool thing)
                Questions to ask to make it better?
                • How could this be easier to use?
                • How could I get buzz on this?
                • What is the OB, RR2B, DD on this?
                What is my current method?

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