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What is STS?
  • Smart Task Selection
  • Success = Doing the right thing at the right time plus luck
  • What you do > how you do it
  • Highest priority
  • Random
  • What are my goals in priority order?
  • What did I do?
  • What should I do now?
Smart To-do List/What To Do (WTD)
  • Deadlines
  • How you feel (tired, pain, happy, angry)
  • Did Last (gym, walked dog, 1mpu)
  • How often/schedule (laser @ other day, 1mpu @ day)
  • Time (mow that lawn at night?)
  • Quiet (Make training video)
  • Location (home, work, trip, train, Jersey, not home, walking dog, gym)
  • Weather today, tomorrow (mow today or tomorrow)
  • Open/Closed (gym when open)
  • Time balanced
  • Habits
  • Goals
  • Projects
  • Fun
  • Interruptions
  • Distractions
  • What are you working on
What I Did (WID)
  • Estimating
  • Post-mortem
  • Status report
  • Monthly accomplishments
  • Annual/semi-annual employment review

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