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1. What is
2. How is this different than Twitter or other social media platforms?
3.Why isn't the time correct? The time is eastern standard time without any Daylight Savings time adjustment
4.What is a Cherp? A piece of text to share with the world
5.How to create an acronym? type {p:what the fuck} and get What The Fuck (WTF)
6.How do I join? Currently no users except for one is assigned to you. Everything is in the open. I'll be adding user's in the near future.
7.What is the #CDQIOERU mean? It's a temporary id to link cherps together from one cherper
8.Where is the https version? go to
9.What technology do you use?
10.How do I contact you? or @alecberg on Twitter
11. How to post to Parler from Cherper with an "e"?
12. Do you have an API? Yes
13.What is a Cherp? A short message that appears in the public feed below
14. What is the history of
15. Did you just copy twitter?
16.Is this a public company? No - Development phase company
17. Admin FAQ (1)
18.How to post an image? Use an img tag <img src="name of img.jpg"> or email and attached image to
19. Why isn't the image showing?
20.How do I delete or change a cherp? not currently supported, click here to get my attn

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