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Have fun, be happy, create, and make this place less annoying, save and balance time, mk$ from one my ideas and get it done via Smart Task Selection (STS)

Create tools that make what I want to do easier. Especially a tool that assists with time tracking and supports a number of functions that can be automated once you know how your time is spent such as:
* Previous Day's Summary
* Status report
* Accomplishment report
* Time balancing
* Smart Task Selection
* Estimating
* Creating/Removing habits
* Saving Boss's unwritten rules
* Easily answering "What did I do?" and "What should I do questions"
* Helping reduce switch time due to interruptions
* Helping getting top rating at work by focusing on goals and boss's tasks
* Tracking and resolving the obstacles that prevent you from doing your job
* Help manage Date based tasks so you're deadline focused
* Help learn by tracking questions and collecting answers

Develop a tool that takes content and creates a website, dashboard, 1 pager, book, class, online training, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.

Get rid of annoyances that I can control and accept the ones I can't. When I am annoyed remember this is a 1st world problem. Annoyed at someone talking on the cell phone, then what if there were no cell phones?

Another example is driving a long distance and there's a slow driver either blocking the left lane or driving in the left lane instead of the right on two-lane highway. This is one I can't control. But I can control my response which should be to think how lucky I am that this is my big problem, being blocked on the highway and all the great things I have.

Save Time
Do more in less time. Spend time wisely. balance my time, effortlessly track my time, and don't waste it.

Teach people to program with my unique method.

Transfer my knowledge to others

Write and sell books.

Make $
Turn Excel knowledge into $ via job, consulting, training, books, recruiting.

Move from i2$ (Ideas to $) As Fast As Possible (AFAP).

Get people to use the tools I've built.

Make $ from one of the tools I've developed.

Spend time on trying to make $ as where you spend time is where you'll get results.

To have grandchildren.

To live in peace.

To make sure my kids are happy.

Eliminate loneliness.

Finish the things I wanted to finish in the 2010s.

What's you're purpose/mission?
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